Green Festival Launches in NYC Earth Day Weekend – April 21-22, 2012

Phil Fram, Quadlogic’s VP of Sales & Marketing, will be speaking at the annual Green Festival, to be held at the Javits Convention Center on April 21 – 22, 2012. On April 21 at 1:00 PM, Phil will discuss: Career opportunities in the Energy and Clean Technology Sector, where to find employment in Green Energy and Technology, Recycling, Waste Management, and other segments in the green sector.

The Buildings NY Exhibition, May 2 and 3

The Buildings NY Exhibition, May 2 and 3, at the Javits Center, is presenting a series of sessions focused on Green Buildings. On May 3, at 10:45 AM the topic is Metering for Measurement and Management. Panelists will discuss the business case for metering & submetering; where it makes sense, as well as how interval data meters can unlock opportunities for low cost/no cost operational savings. >> More details

We are very proud to announce that Mitch Stein, Quadlogic’s Director of Electrical Distribution Sales, has been selected as one of the panelists. >> Education Session

New York DHCR Removes an Impediment to Submetering

A recent ruling by the NY State DHCR makes installation of electrical submetering systems more attractive to landlords.  DHCR ruled that a submetering system, while considered a Major Capital Improvement (MCI), does not always require an electrical system upgrade.  In the recent case (see link to article) DHCR agreed that since the property was already adequately wired, the electrical upgrade was unnecessary.  MCI’s justify rent increases based on the actual cost of the improvement to the property.  This ruling complements the current NYSERDA ERMM Program, which pays incentives to offset the cost of converting residential buildings from master-meter (rent inclusion) to submetered. Read More

ISO 50001:2011 energy management

What is ISO?  
ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.  ISO standards provides business, government and society with practical tools for all three dimensions of sustainable development; economic, environmental and social.

ISO standards spread knowledge, disseminate innovative advances in technology, and share good management and assessment practices.  It also provides solutions and helps achieve benefits for almost all sectors of activity, including the economy, the environment and energy. Read more »

Jamaica Regulatory Commission Finds Quadlogic Meters Accurate.

Read Jamaica’s new electricity meters are accurate, study finds.

Quadlogic Completes Major System Upgrade

Quadlogic has recently completed an upgrade of the Smart Meter System at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, the largest mall in North America.  Comprised of over 500 metering points for stores, HVAC equipment, and medium-tension (13.8kV) utility services, the Family 4 system had been operating since the Mall opened in 1992, nearly 20 years ago.  In addition, some meters were logging pulse data from water and gas meters.  All of the meters were interconnected with a 2-wire RS-485 network, terminating at a telephone modem.  Quadlogic’s Billing Services Group read the meters from our NYC offices, and provided billing data to Mall management. Read more »

Smart Meters = Smart Grid

Quadlogic’s Smart Meters were the focus of a video project on the
electricity grid.  It was written and produced by Evan Swarztrauber (a son of our CEO) and Charles Pulliam for a college project on energy.  It is an excellent summary of the state of the US national power grid and the benefits of Smart Meters for energy conservation and reducing load stresses on the grid.  See video on YouTube.

Quadlogic selects Lantronix UDS1100 for network connectivity.

Quadlogic recently completed a major upgrade of the electric submetering system at the Mall of America, in Minneapolis, MN.  The Smart Meter system included over 500 tenant and medium tension electric meters, and the Lantronix device provided the serial-to-network interface to the fibre-optic backbone.  The complex project was completed on-time and within budget, and all agree it is operating very well.  Read “Lantronix and Quadlogic Revolutionize Meter Reading at the Mall of America“.


See the link announcing that Quadlogic Controls is the winner of the Wall Street Journal’s “Small Business, Big Innovation” contest.  More than 100 companies competed, and the editors choose QLC’s innovation as the most impressive.

Quadlogic Wins the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business Innovation Competition!

The Wall Street Journal held a competition for the best “Small Business Big Innovation”, and today the editors selected Quadlogic as the winner! The article describes how we responded to a slow-down in our core business – smart submetering systems for residential and commercial new construction – by developing the Energy Guard.  The EG is an AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) solution for utilities that provides remote meter reading via QLC’s proprietary PLC (Power Line Communication) system, remote disconnect and re-connect of individual customer services (power), tamper detection, in-home customer display modules, and several additional benefits.  Since the design prevents access to low-voltage wires, it effectively prevents theft-of-service.  These “non-technical losses” are a very serious problem for many utilities in Latin America – loss rates can reach 50% in some districts.  In addition, remote control of customer service prevents confrontations with utility personnel.  The EG has been received with great enthusiasm and has generated significant orders.